About the FFO

The Florida Flute Orchestra is a select ensemble comprised of professional flutists from Florida.  In addition to concerts in Florida, the ensemble has performed at the 2006 (Pittsburgh, PA) the 2009 (New York City, NY), the 2011 (Charlotte, NC), the 2013 (New Orleans, LA) and the 2015 (Washington DC) National Flute Association Conventions, annually during the Florida State Flute Conventions, as well as presented a concert tour in Provence, 2005, sponsored by AICLER, France. While in France, they visited the Conservatoire National de Region in Dijon. There they performed with one of France’s top flute ensembles, Flutes Ad Libitum, directed by Martine Charlot. The Florida Flute Orchestra hosted Flutes Ad Libitum during their Florida concert tour in April of 2006.